HİCRİ ERCİLİ | Chemicals and Logistics


Our product groups on sale with chemical storage and distribution services;

HİCRİ ERCİLİ provides regular and/or project-based distribution service to its clients from own and suppliers' chemical warehouses, with over 300 self-asset land transport fleet and 4 chemical vessels for domestic and abroad sales. 


Distribution services planned and coordinated from our Central Logistics Department, are being executed by Bandırma, Mersin, Çorlu and lzmit branch offices considering optimum time and cost parameters. Dur distribution services by ADR certified vehicles with spill-kits and SRC certified qualified drivers are being tracked with mobile communication, vehicle tracking system and softwares. 


In company with project process with the TSE which is the only competent authority in ADR in Turkey, in 2018, type approval certificate was taken for the production of chemical tankers suitable for sulphuric acid with ADR from the institution. Mass production was started for L4BH tank code and volume of 15.7 cubic meters in March 2018. Thus, ADR certified chemical tanker which is suitable for the sulphuric acid has been produced and used by our company for the first time in Turkey. Our goals as logistics are constantly improving our storage and distribution process with customer satisfaction and ensuring our products reaching the destination asa whole at the exact time.