HİCRİ ERCİLİ | Cold Storage



Hicri Ercili is innovator and reliable supplier and business partner of private, state-owned companies and institutions in our country. The company has started its cold storage activities on food sector in 1999. The plants are the leader in its sector with capacity of storage on whole area in our Country. It requires to store customers' goods in storages with food security system for a long time with same conditions to keep its specialities on every period from its production to its consumption. HİCRİ ERCİLİ is conscious and under the responsibility of being an important connecting link of cold chain. 


HİCRİ ERCİLİ offers high quality service in its warehouse where the goods are subject to customs legislation and stored under customs supervision in order to be completed foreign trade operations. HİCRİ ERCİLİ based on customer requirements and standards on period of protection and handling on the purpose of provide the maintainability the foods confidently. Plants are covered by ISO 9001 and ISO22000 standards.