HİCRİ ERCİLİ | Liquid Fuel and Autogas

Our gas stations established by our founder HiCRi ERCILI, are operating nonstop since 90s and aims to establish customer loyalty besides high customer saticfaction with fuel, autogas, shopping, water and air and car washing services. 


There are 4 gas stations operating within our company and all are PETROL OFiSi vendors. Our stations' markets are open 7/24 for shopping. Food products, water, cigarets, mineral oil group, automobile accessories, antifreeze, cleaning products are available in addition, we also have toys in our shops. Customers are needed to be satisfied even after the sale, so we adopt customer satisfaction as the ground rule in order to make a difference, stand out amongs our competitors, grow and gain profits. Therefore, we provide ISO 9001 certified premium service with our high quality, customer oriented mentality and clean fuel guarantee with our friendly, attentive and experienced staff.




Garaj Station ;

Balıkesir Asfaltı 4.km / Bandırma

T: +90 266 733 83 84 – 84 18


Prenlik Station ;

Balıkesir Asfaltı 5.km / Bandırma

T : +90 266 01 02 – 00


Akçapınar Station ;

Karatoprak Mevkii Akçapınar / Bandırma

T : +90 266 743 91 61


Dağkadı Station ;

Dağkadı / Karacabey

T : +90 224 691 21  49- 50