The business life of our founder HİCRİ ERCİLİ which started in 1970s in auta spare parts trade and chemical transportation, is being continued by the 2nd generation with continious advancement from that point. Our growth period which started with chemical transportation, auto spare parts trade and fuel sale stations under Petrol Ofisi trademark, accelerated in 2000s with wider range of chemicals import, particularly sulphuric acid, which underlies todays progression.


Based in Bandırma/Turkey, HİCRİ ERCİLİ has offices and plants in Mersin, İzmit, Çorlu, Yalova and İstanbul. The company continues to provide products and services to its domestic and international customers with its 600,000 tons chemical substance storage and customs clearance capacity and 300 land tank fleets with ADR. HİCRİ ERCİLİ is the first company with the appropriate ADR chemical tanker production for sulphuric acid in Turkey and has reliable high level of customer demands based on their needs.We provide products and services to our exclusive clients in Turkey and abroad with more than 200 self-owned ADR certified trucks with SRC certified drivers. 


HİCRİ ERCİLİ wanted to transfer his experience in land transportation to sea trasportation and initially purchased M/T "HİCRİ KAAN", and while having experienced staff of specialists, expanded his fleet with the purhase of M/T "AYSENAZ" in 2012 and M/T "BANDIRMA" in 2014 and it also continued to grow up thereby incorporate M/T "KAPIDAG" in 2017 and M/T "WINTER SUN" in 2018 and M/T "ERDEK" in 2020. Moreover, it carries on the activities of ship building, alterations and maintenance-repair with its plant on 42.000m2 land located in Yalova Altınova. 


Aluminium sulphate production in the HİCRİ ERCİLİ has Turkey's largest capacity facility. It has reached 600.000 tons/year capacity in its plants in Bandırma, Mersin and İzmit which are producing with HİCRİ ERCİLİ brand. The solid aluminum sulphate is also produced in liquid form. In 2016, it is the first company certified the NSF-ANSI 60 standard as it comes up to the requirements of public health and safety in Turkey. HİCRİ ERCİLİ branded aluminium sulphate which is already been imported to 6 continents is rapidly growing on track of becoming the global product of choice. HİCRİ ERCİLİ is the reliable and innovative business associate of private companies and public corporations. 


HİCRİ ERCİLİ COLD STORAGE PLANTS initiated its business of cold storage in food sector in 1999 within HİCRİ ERCİLİ. Our company operates in 60.000m2 indoor area within 100.000m2 land with its specialized staff in dry, cold quick freezing process. Our plants provide frozen, cold and standart storage, quick freezing and secondary packing services to many well-known food companies in Turkey