İş Etiği Kurallarımız


Honesty and Decency are among the priority values in all business processes and relationships. He acts with accuracy and honesty in relations with employees and all his stakeholders.


We feel connected to the company and show our commitment and dedication to our customers and each other. We generously share our wits, provide the best advice and support to our colleagues. We solve problems with openness and sincerity.

Customer Focus

Our goal is to provide products and services of indisputable quality to every customer, both internally and externally, without errors, on time and at all times. We organize our activities to improve and maximize the value we add to our customers. We do this by anticipating their needs, giving more than their needs, and striving to constantly improve.


We are constantly looking for high-tech solutions that add value to our customers. In developing these solutions, we support creativity, strategic thinking and persistence in our employees. We are constantly trying to move forward with research and development, as well as adapting existing processes. We learn lessons for ourselves from both our failures and successes.